Welcome. My name is Matej Moderc and I'm a 3D computer graphics freelancer.

I specialize mainly in photo-realistic artwork. I'm skilled at modeling (polygon modeling, sculpting), shading (realistic representation of materials), texturing (3D / 2D texture painting), lighting and final composition. My rendering work is focused on realism, while still paying attention to the artistic aspect of CG production.

I can produce a variety of artwork ranging from product-viz, video game models (hi-poly & low-poly character models), arch-viz... to generic scenes for printing or specific content used in still or animation production by a 3rd party.

For my work I mainly use FOSS tools, like:

  1. Blender, main 3D content creation suite
  2. GIMP, for texture creation & postproduction
  3. Luminance HDR, tonemapping tool
  4. Inkscape, support drawing tool
  5. My Paint, sketching tool
  6. Yafaray, additional renderer

With everything running on a Linux OS.

My renderers of choice are Octane Render™ (progressive unbiased spectral GPU renderer) and Cycles the new flexible & powerfull internal Blender engine, that runs on GPU or CPU and is intended for animation production.

Browse through my portfolio and see my artwork or contact me for freelance work.